When you first call ACPC you will be set up for an initial evaluation. During this one-on-one time with a counselor we will gather information about your current symptoms and life stressors. Together you and the counselor will develop a treatment plan with specific goals-this helps to ensure that you have an active role in the process. After the initial meeting we will schedule you with a start date for the program.

On your first day, you will check-in at the front desk and can then hang out in the group room until we start. You will get to know the others quickly and most find that once they start its sad to leave the friendships they’ve made during their time here.

Our skills training program is like a class where the clinician will be teaching you many coping skills. You do not need to bring anything with you on the first day. We provide the curriculum, notepads, and ink pens. The topics we cover include:

  • Emotion Regulation – How to understand the emotions we experience and decrease the length of time we experience unwanted emotions.
  • Relationship Effectiveness – How to repair damaged relationships, build and maintain stronger relationships, manage conflict, and possibly end hopeless relationships.
  • Distress Tolerance – How to manage difficult times when feeling overwhelmed. These skills help us to survive difficult life moments.
  • Emotional Expression – Based on Radically Open DBT, these skills help encourage openness in relationships and how to utilize self reflection to increase social engagement.
  • Mindfulness – Increasing awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations is important when trying to regulate emotions. Theses skills help us learn to live life in the moment and not in past regrets or future worries.